IPChain has expanded partnership in the blockchain market in the field of intellectual property


IPChain Association has entered into a partnership agreement with one of the largest developers and providers of blockchain solutions Bitfury Group, the President of the Association Andrey Krichevsky informed TASS on Friday. “We significantly expand the functionality of services and bring to the market new projects dedicated to development of industry-specific business needs,” he said.…


Music producers advocated the creation of a “white” list of sites with legal content


Any removal of pirated links entails the immediate emergence of new ones, so the creation of a “white” list of sites with legal content would be an effective way to combat piracy. Experts interviewed by TASS expressed this opinion. “Any removal of pirated links entails the appearance of new links, only they are tens of…


Andrey Krichevsky: “Forget about rights collective management societies, the world has changed”


President of IPChain Association on the Stone Age in the Protection of Intellectual Rights and the public-private blockchain for Musicians and Inventors Andrey Krichevsky has been working in the field of intellectual property for more than 11 years: he was at the origins of the creation of two of the four state-accredited societies for collective…


On IPQUORUM.START the experts discussed the importance of developing human capital in modern economy


On May 29, the first day of the international startup conference for technology entrepreneurs Startup Village 2019, a panel discussion took place at IPQuorum.Start “How a person and his knowledge capital create new industries. Malaysian miracle: instructions for use.” IPQuorum.Start is a special platform of IPChain Association, an official partner of the conference. The President…


Andrey Krichevsky: “Blockchain is not yet being sufficiently used for its intended purpose”


IPChain Association President Andrey Krichevsky speaks about the results of the 2nd IPQuorum, the global assessment of Russian LegalTech and the popularity of blockchain among authors. – What has changed in IPQuorum compared to last year? – Last year, when organizing the 1st International Strategic Forum on Intellectual Property, we set ourselves an ambitious goal…


Freedom of choice: Financing in the digital age


You have probably at least once caught yourself thinking that you “invented Facebook before Zuckerberg,” but for some reason he became a billionaire. This is because the idea itself today costs very little, it is much more important to be able to implement it. And this is often impossible to do without major start-up investments.…


IPQuorum expert: “The market of legal content in Russia is up more than 50%”


Discussion “Media markets – global trends. Best practices in licenses portfolio management” took place on the margins of the International Strategic Forum IPQuorum 2019. Participants discussed new trends in the media market over the past years. Expert of TV and content department at J’son & Partners Consulting Anna Kuz spoke about development trends of Russian…


Experts from 30 countries will discuss issues of intellectual property management during IPQuorum 2019


Experts from 30 countries will discuss key problems of the Russian, European and Asian economies during the international forum on intellectual property IPQuorum, which will be held on April 10-12 in Kaliningrad. “Over 1,5 thousand experts from 30 countries of the world will be discussing acute problems of various sectors of Russian, European and Asian…


The IPChain Association took part in Global IP Exchange 2019 in Germany


The 10th Anniversary Conference Global IP Exchange 2019 concluded its work in Berlin. The IPChain association actively participated in the business program, organized jointly with the Skolkovo Foundation two events and held dozens of negotiations with top international companies from more than 30 countries of the world. Global IP Exchange, which took place between March…


IPChain Association: “Russia is in the top five in terms of investments in technology, science and culture”

Russia ranks fifth in the world in terms of investment in technology development, scientific research and culture. This was told by Andrey Krichevsky, president of the IPChain Association, following a business breakfast as part of the second day of the Global IP Exchange forum in Berlin. “Russia is one of the five world leaders in…