If the music is being played in your restaurant, discotheque, sanatorium, hotel, barber’s shop, trade or entertainment center – this page is for you. And you are none else but the User.

In accordance with Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the compulsory payment of the remuneration due to the owners of neighboring rights is set for the following cases of use of the phonograms published in commercial purposes:

1. public performance of the phonogram;

2. transmission of the phonogram by means of radio and television;

3. making the phonogram publicly available by means of cable, wire, optical fiber or other similar means.

Thus the Users who are obliged by the current legislation to pay the remuneration can be divided into the following categories:

1. public catering premises, restaurants, clubs, culture and entertainment centers (complexes), and other leisure institutions, establishments and passengers’ transport means, sanatoriums, rest homes and pensions, trade and quick service enterprises, hotels, parks, gardens and other public places, where the public performances of music take place;

2. TV-broadcasting companies that broadcast the phonograms into the air;

3. cable broadcasting organizations, which transmit the phonograms for public by means of cable, wire, optical fiber.

The Regulation “On minimal rates of remuneration for phonograms’ producers and performers for the public performance, broadcasting into the air and by wire of the phonograms, published in commercial purposes, for 2008” can be found here.
In order to conclude the Agreement on payment of the remuneration you can address the central office of the Russian Rightowners’ Union or our regional branches and representatives.