Dear performers and producers!

If your recorded music once has been performed or if you are an owner of a record company, you may be entitled to VOIS income.

If your phonogram received radio airplay or is being played in public (shops, restaurants, bars etc.) all you have to do is to join us to get remuneration.

According to the Russian legislation, if you are a recording musician or a producer, you could be eligible for payments from users that VOIS collects (or constantly has been collecting).

It is simple and free for you to joint VOIS. You should just get in touch with our Department of the right-holders’ registration (ur.siovsornull@sedlav), send us your catalogue (or play list) and then sign a contract.

If your phonograms have been broadcasted or played in public abroad (or still is being played), VOIS also provides an international collection service based on the bilateral agreements with other collecting societies all over the world.

Our aim is to increase the earnings of performers and record companies!

Only together we can be a unique team!