“Melodiya” company presented the disc of the piano duet of Lyudmila Berlinskaya and Arthur Ansel

The record company “Melodiya” presented the disc “B like Britain” of the piano duet of the Russian pianist, member of the Supervisory Board of VOIS Ludmila Berlinskaya and French musician Arthur Ansel, dedicated to English music of the 20th century.

This is the third disc from the series “Two Pianos Originals Project” (“Original Works for Two Pianos”), which is released by the artists.

“Since 2011, this duet has won the hearts of public in Russia, Europe and Asia. Their joint performances and recordings were awarded international prizes and earned high praise from music critics,” representatives of “Melodiya” company said.

The first two discs were devoted to the piano duets of Russian and French composers. This time, the musicians offer a trip through foggy Albion.

The disc features works of composers of the so-called “English Musical Renaissance”, including Arnold Bucks and York Bowen, recognized classic musician of the 20th century Benjamin Britten and repeated Oscar nominee Richard Rodney Bennett, combining jazz with experiments of the post-war avant-garde.

According to the representatives of “Melodiya”, the name of the album “B like Britain” plays with the fact that the names of all composers begin with the same letter, as well as their belonging to the British musical culture.

Recordings were made in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory on September 24-25 and December 23-25, 2018.