Sergey Roldugin performed in St. Petersburg

A concert of world-famous musicians took place at St. Petersburg House of Music – Sergey Roldugin, the famous Russian cellist, member of the Council of Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (VOIS), and Vincent Lucas, Parisian flutist.

The program of the event included works by Bach, Saint-Saens, Weber, and many other prominent composers.

Vincent Lucas’s biography includes performances at the world’s best concert venues: from Carnegie Hall in New York to the Royal Albert Hall in London. At the invitation of Sergey Roldugin, Artistic Director of St. Petersburg House of Music, the French flutist holds master classes for Russian teachers and students.

“I represent French school, in which we have a very special attitude to sound, we have glorious traditions and teachers. So, for children it is a unique experience that they perceive in the immediate vicinity, live and, of course, this hall – the working environment here is perfect,” said Lucas.

Collaboration with French colleagues is not the only initiative of the Saint Petersburg House of Music: the management of the institution regularly organizes large-scale projects that allow young talents from Russia to prove themselves, including in the international arena. In 2019, students of the House of Music have already visited 35 countries with concerts.

“527 events in one year! From Africa to Washington and Vietnam. And they are only 17-22 years old. They have not yet traveled all of the world, but in any case they have announced themselves. And in order to be somewhat recognized in the world, you have to go through the crucible of our House of Music, where we try to be very objective,” said Sergei Roldugin, Artistic Director of St. Petersburg House of Music.

For 13 years, St. Petersburg House of Music under the leadership of Sergei Roldugin has been one of the best training grounds in the country for thousands of young performers. At the same time, as noted by Sergey Roldugin, young artists are being tested not only by famous teachers, but also by the audience.

“We do not try, you know, to conquer the public. We try to share our joy we experience playing together on the stage,” said Maestro Roldugin.