Artificial intelligence learned to look for musical talent

Music label “Snafu Records” said that it will select musicians using artificial intelligence technology.

According to company representatives, AI can find future stars long before competitors pay attention to them.

Every week, the algorithm analyzes about 150 thousand tracks hosted by Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and Tiktok. Artificial intelligence takes into account the mentions of songs in blogs and tweets, as well as statistics on adding to playlists. Based on the information received, the program identifies promising performers. Moreover, the AI ​​gives the result in a matter of few days, while usually the labels need at least a month for this.

Then the algorithm reduces the weekly list of candidates to 15-20 performers. They are listened to by the label staff to select the best.

The company is primarily interested in recordings that are similar to the most popular hits, but are different enough to sound fresh. Snafu is looking for music, which 70-75% matches the tracks from the top 200 Spotify, as noted by the management of Snafu.

While it is not possible to evaluate the effectiveness of such a technological approach by Snafu, the company has just begun to use artificial intelligence in its work. Today the label collaborates with 16 artists.