Supervisory Board

Berlinskaya Lyudmila Valentinovna

Pianist, actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Bliznets Ivan Anatolievich

Rector of the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property, State Councilor of the Russian Federation, 3rd class

Zasursky Ivan Ivanovich

Journalist, producer, president of the Association of Internet Publishers, editor-in-chief of the Internet publication “Private Correspondent”

Knyazev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Cellist, organist

Kostin Yuri Alekseevich

Journalist, writer, general director of the sub-holding “GPM Radio”

Maidanov Denis Vasilievich

Singer, composer, poet, actor, producer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Polyakov Yuri Mikhailovich

Writer, poet, playwright, screenwriter, editor-in-chief of “Literaturnaya Gazeta”

Samoylov Vadim Rudolfovich

Singer, guitarist, composer, poet, sound engineer, sound producer of the rock band “Agatha Christie”

Sarukhanov Igor Armenovich

Singer, composer, poet, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Safronov Evgeny Anatolyevich

Journalist, director general and chief editor of the InterMedia news agency

Shimansky Vitaly Vyacheslavovich

Partner of the GinzaProject holding

Shcherbinskaya Irina Valeryevna

Producer, director of ZionMusic