How the Co-Fi platform works


The Internet media “Snob” studied online crowdlending platforms using the Co-Fi platform as an example. This is a platform that helps to attract investment for projects in the creative industry secured by intellectual property. But the general principle of crowdlending platforms, no matter what projects they work with, is in many ways similar. An application…


The State Support Saved Broadcasters


The 2020 pandemic year hurt many areas of our lives. Radio broadcasting was included in the list of the most affected industries. In Russia state support measures allowed the radio broadcasters to survive, keep their creative teams, and save approximately 500 million rubles. What was included in the state support package? Concessional loan with the…


“Melodiya” Record Company Presents a parade of plays “Aromorphosi”


The digital album entitled “Aromorphosi” released by “Melodiya” Record Company is the Russian premiere of the pianist Vladimir Ivanov-Rakievsky program. Musician and educator Vladimir Ivanov-Rakievsky chose for his album the title associated with the theory of evolution. Aromorphosis in biology contributes to the development of new territories and ecological niches, the emergence of new animals…


IPQUORUM 2021 business program announced: Tech for Content


The boom in online education, fierce opposition from IT giants, multimillion views of dancing videos, and messengers as digital shelters are just a few of the persistent technological trends. All of these are more or less related to the production, distribution, and monetization of content. How to ensure growth of digital products? What technologies are…


Focus on content: IPQUORUM 2021 brings together leaders of the creative economy in Skolkovo


The key event of the year in the development of creative industries and intellectual property – IPQuorum 2021 – will take place on April 26-27 in Technopark at Skolkovo Innovation Center in the format Tech for Content. The focus of the business program is new technologies for production, distribution, and monetization of content: from cinema…


The Federation of Creative Industries is founded in Russia


On February 24, the first meeting of the founders of the new organization, the Federation of Creative Industries, took place. The Federation was created with the participation of the Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries. The federation includes more than twenty professional organizations, creative unions and…


Music hits have been compared to gold and oil


Canadian singer, songwriter and rock musician Neil Young, a member of the super band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, sold the rights to all of his 1,180 songs to the investment company Hipgnosis Songs Fund. The details of the agreement were not disclosed, but Music Business Worldwide suggests that the deal amounted to $150 million,…


Merry Christmas and Нappy New Year!


“Melodiya” paid tribute to the memory of Beethoven on the day of the composer’s anniversary


“Melodiya” record firm celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven – December 16, 2020 – with the release of three digital albums by the renowned composer. These included all the piano concertos as well as the “triple” concerto; all sonatas for cello and piano (recorded in 2020); fragments from symphonies, sonatas,…


Kulturomania compared the income of rappers and classical music performers during the pandemic

The Kulturomania journal has analyzed how the pandemic affected the musicians’ earnings. It turned out that digitalization has led to an ambiguous result: the highest earnings are among the promoted singers with the most unpretentious performance technique and lyrics. Performers of complex academic music cannot compete with them, which is very clearly demonstrated by the…