VOIS participated in SCAPR working group meetings in Madrid

SCAPR (the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights) working group meetings were held on January 18-21, 2016 in Madrid (Spain). VOIS was represented at the meetings by Deputy Director General Erik Valdes-Martines.

The participants of the Rights Administration Working Group discussed current issues related to the societies dealing with the collective management of rights in view of the adoption of new EU directives and changes in legislation in several countries. The experts also discussed the issues on the applying by the national societies the unified accounting system of performers and creating a single glossary for the use of the rights, familiarized themselves with the principles of operation of the automated system SCAPR INTRANET, made changes to the draft standard form of an agreement between the collective management societies and SCAPR members.

Also Erik Valdes-Martines met the representatives of the Technical Working Group. The experts discussed the prospects for VOIS’s participation in the formation of the International Performers Database (IPD).

Participation in the meetings of SCAPR working groups is one of the major directions of the international policy of VOIS. Interaction with foreign colleagues allows VOIS to protect the interests of Russian rightholders in the international arena and to conclude new agreements on mutual representation of interests with foreign companies.