WIPO launches global anti-piracy database

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is part of the United Nations Organization, has launched a new database called Building Respect for Intellectual Property (BRIP). With its help, the UN member states will be able to quickly exchange information about “problem sites”.

According to the authors of the project, the database is a secure online platform with controlled access, where authorized agencies can upload lists of websites that intentionally contribute to copyright infringement.

WIPO expects that BRIP will help reduce revenues of pirate sites, as well as protect the reputation of brands – legal advertising will not be shown on “illegal” resources.

Member states will designate representatives to add pirate websites to BRIP. AGCOM, the Italian telecommunications regulator, and KCOPA, the Korean copyright agency, tested the database before launch.

“The project meets the increased interest of government representatives in methods to ensure respect for intellectual property, which are based on voluntary cooperation, and not on judicial or other coercive measures,” says the statement of WIPO.

WIPO introduced the idea of a global anti-piracy database back in 2017. Today, BRIP is open for joint use by authorized participants from among the WIPO member states, and by the authorized users from the advertising sector.