Dear Rightowners,

If you have any questions about the Agreement on transferring of the authorities for collective management of rights – do not hesitate to contact Russian Copyright Owners’ Union’s office.

Our address and phone numbers are listed on “Contact” page. You can also send an e-mail to us and we’ll forward to you the pack of documents necessary for signing the Agreement (e-mail of the Registration of the Rightowners Department is ur.noinu-prnull@noitartsiger).
You can also get the detailed information about warranties, rights and obligations of the Parties of the Agreement, about the order of payment of the remuneration due to you and about the means of protection of your exclusive rights.

Our specialists will help you to create the Catalogue of performances, which would compose the Annex and the integral part of the Agreement on transferring of the authorities for managing the rights on a collective basis.

The said Catalogue will be immediately included into the Registry of the Russian Copyright Owners’ Union just after the signing of the Agreement.

Our specialists will also answer all of your questions regarding the membership in the Russian Copyright Owners’ Union and its activities.

Hoping for a long-lasting and fruitful cooperation!