Vinyl records are back

In the last couple of years, turntables (vinyl record players) and vinyl records have suddenly come back into fashion. This may be due to both the coronavirus pandemic and the cyclical nature of fashion. However, the fact remains that vinyl is becoming more popular.

According to the data provided by the M.Video-Eldorado group, the sale of vinyl players has increased by almost 3.5 times since 2019. Of course, these are not the old vinyl players. Today they are as modern as possible: they resemble cases in appearance to make it more convenient to carry, and you can connect to the device itself via an AUX cable or even via Bluetooth.

Records are also experiencing a real boom in popularity. The Melodiya logo became recognizable again. Moreover, many contemporary musicians release their new music on vinyl to please the public who collects vinyl.

The opinion of experts varies on the sudden popularity of vinyl. Some believe that people began to have a certain taste, because the tube vinyl sound is much better than any other. Others are more skeptical: they believe that this is just a way to kill boredom due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the “digital” sound is in no way inferior to vinyl. There is also a third group that has taken a neutral position: vinyl is not nostalgia or another sound, but a common hobby associated with collecting.