US delegation visited VOIS

28 July, 2010 the representative of the Executive Office of the President Office of the U.S. Trade Representation, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Intellectual Property and Innovation Mr. Stanford McCoy, Senior Counsel for Policy & International Affairs of the US Copyright office Mrs. Michele J. Woods and Senior trade officer economic section of the Embassy of the USA in Russia Mrs. Naomi Fellows visited VOIS.
The meeting was organized by the representative of Rosohrankultura Mr. Georgy Sytenko. VOIS was represented by Andrey Krichevsky (General Director), Victor Osipov (Deputy Director), Erik Valdes-Martines (Deputy Director).
At the meeting the parties discussed issues concerning VOIS activities within the Russian Federation. Mr. Krichevsky made a scrupulous overview of the scheme of collection, distribution and payments of remuneration to the right holders according to the Russian and international law.
Mr. Krichevsky also described the activity of the governing bodies of VOIS (Conference, Council of VOIS, Revision Commission and etc.).
The US delegation was introduced with the database of the VOIS distribution system. Also the VOIS’s management reported about the amounts of collected remuneration for the previous periods.
The parties exchanged their experience in the area of collective management of neighboring rights.
The US delegation noted that VOIS’s activity as a collecting society meets all the international requirements also in the question of protection of the US performers’ and record companies’ neighboring rights.