The federal program “FONMIX. Legal music is played here” starts in Russia

The largest Russian audiobroadcasting company “FormMax” is launching a large-scale federal program of social responsibility “FONMIX. Legal music is played here”. Within the program, business owners, the institutions of which pay legal music content, will receive special FONMIX labelling (for restaurants, shopping centers, gas stations, banks and other facilities).

FONMIX label indicates the concluded agreement with the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) and the Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (VOIS), which, in turn, confirms the responsible approach of the business to the use of music and compliance with copyright laws.

The receipt of this marking guarantees a simplified procedure of interaction with copyright societies, in particular, in matters of reporting for the use of music content.

“In recent years, the responsibility of businesses in working with intellectual property products covered by the copyright law has grown significantly. Today, entrepreneurs strive to legalize all their business processes, making them as transparent as possible. The same applies to music – the business goes away from the tradition of illegal use of copyrighted content,” – Valeriya Pankratova, First Deputy General Director of FormMax, noted. – “Business representatives have a need to declare that they support and respect copyright, for many entities this is a really significant part of social responsibility to society and the state. We launched this program in response to expectations and business demand.”

A business can obtain special FONMIX marking by contacting the regional office of the RAO, VOIS or FONMIX by phone, via the website or by mail. The program has already received support and appreciation from both copyright societies and the rightholders themselves.

“Today it is almost impossible to imagine a cafe, a shopping center and a cinema with no music,” – Director General of the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) Maksim Dmitriev said. – “However, reproduction of any musical fragments in public spaces is subject to the copyright law. In our opinion, the launched program is another step towards increasing the effectiveness and transparency of the copyright sphere, contributing significantly to the distribution of a competent and respectful attitude towards respecting the rights of authors both in the business environment and in society as a whole. And this is not the first important initiative of the “FormMax” company – not long ago, the company specifically developed the unique player FONMIX with the support of societies for collective management of rights.”

FONMIX is a federal operator of music broadcasting in Russia and an official partner of copyright societies accredited by the state. Using FONMIX, the owners of public catering, services and trade can manage the music, advertising and information policies of the company remotely, while the player automatically generates reporting on the reproduction of certain compositions for RAO and VOIS.

The FONMIX player can be installed on any media – computer, smartphone or tablet – with any software. The player does not need constant access to the Internet to work – the music can play without connecting to the network.

The music catalogue of the service has more than 8 million tracks of any genres and styles, while the media library is updated on a daily basis. The users can choose one of the pre-made playlists (compiled by the music editors of the leading radio stations), or make their own music selections, taking into account the individual characteristics of each individual object. Moreover, the platform provides an opportunity to broadcast information clips and other audio fragments and even integrate video content into the broadcast network.

In turn, the rightholders also supported the launch of the federal program and appreciated the importance and functionality of the service itself.

“Thanks to FONMIX, composers and artists can not only receive royalties, but also track which works are popular in their personal accounts. FONMIX is an important channel, providing feedback between the artist and the public. This helps to better assess your work, and generally understand what is happening to your creations,” –Dominic Joker said.

The result of active work with copyright holders and users, which FONMIX has conducted since the launch of the service in March 2016, is over 5 thousand sounded objects throughout Russia, which are supervised by 14 representative offices of the company.

Additional Information: ur.ximnofnull@asserp, + 7 (926) 099-3301 (press-service of the “Formax” company).