The Department of Intellectual property of Ukraine has determined authorized organizations on management with properly neighboring (related) rights

Since April 02, 2009 Associations of Enterprises Ukrainian Music Alliance and Ukrainian Music Rights League by way of Government certification have been assigned by authorized collective management organizations in the territory of Ukraine
These functions have been taken care of by organizations of collective management of proprietary rights. According to Article 43 of the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights” collective management organizations shall be authorized to enter into contracts with users on behalf of all Ukrainian Members-Right holders, coordinate amounts of remuneration under these contracts, to collect such remunerations as well as to distribute and pay out the remuneration to all Ukrainian producers and/or performers. Minimum fee and royalty rates payable for the use of objects protected by copyright and related rights have been established by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 72 of 18.01.2003.
Primary mission of Associations of Enterprises “Ukrainian Music Alliance” and “Ukrainian Music Rights League” is to support legal rights and interests of Ukrainian phonogram producers and performers.
One of the most priority directions of Associations of Enterprises “Ukrainian Music Alliance” and “Ukrainian Music Rights League” activity is development of international cooperation with the foreign Collecting societies.
Specialization of Alliance is collection and distribution of royalties for use of phonograms performances by TV and radio, cable TV operators, and their distribution in the Internet. Specialization of League is collection and distribution of royalties for public use of phonograms performances, such as: cinema & concert halls, discos, dancing and concert pavilions, movie theatres, night clubs, cafes, restaurants, juke-boxes, hotels, etc. This specialization rides by the necessity to structure the market and partition of authority between collecting societies in Ukraine.