“Melodiya” record company successfully closed the fund raising campaign for the release of Stas Namin and the “Flowers” album

In less than two weeks, members of the Co-Fi crowdfunding platform raised 160,000 rubles for the release of the album on three discs “Best Songs in 50 Years”.

The set will be a collectible box containing recordings of three anniversary concerts. The number of copies is limited – there will be only 300 copies available to public. The Best Songs of 50 Years will be available for purchase in the first three months of 2022. Today the “Flowers” band performs and records new albums in collaboration with the “Melodiya” record company. Also, the musicians have recently released two collectible sets of vinyl records with the band’s popular songs.

Stas Namin commented on the effectiveness of crowdfunding as a way of fundraising: “Fundraising has been used abroad for a long time, and now we can also use this tool, thanks to the Co-Fi service.” The musician and producer also noted that the “Melodiya” company is the most productive and modern in Russia.

Co-Fi is the pioneer of crowdfunding in Russia. The company’s employees support both investors and borrowers. The company offers consulting services and administrative control over payments.

Anyone can invest in a variety of projects on the Co-Fi platform. The minimum amount is 1,000 rubles. In addition, investors can get up to 15% of their investment back.