IPQuorum expert: “The market of legal content in Russia is up more than 50%”

Discussion “Media markets – global trends. Best practices in licenses portfolio management” took place on the margins of the International Strategic Forum IPQuorum 2019. Participants discussed new trends in the media market over the past years.

Expert of TV and content department at J’son & Partners Consulting Anna Kuz spoke about development trends of Russian and world legal video market: “Over the past year the legal video market in our country has grown by 56%. We distinguish the following types of market players: TV channels, online cinemas, telecom operators, digital distribution platforms (for example, Google Play and iTunes), social networks, aggregators and info services. Over the past year, the number of users who watch online video on a smartphone has increased dramatically. Not so long ago the absolute leader was a viewing via computer. But now the ratio is the following: 59% – via computer, 41% – via smartphone.”

The editor in chief of the InterMedia news agency Yevgeny Safronov noted the tendency of high growth in online media revenues: “New trends appear on the Internet every month. Recently we can add to media sector different online stores, since many of them publish product reviews. As a result of a study implemented by our agency 77% of the Russian Internet traffic is generated by video viewing (movies and vloggers content).”

Operating Officer of Data Screen Mikhail Ilichev provided further information about cinema sector: “Online cinemas report that in 2018 their income grew by 60-70%, but rightholders do not feel this. This is due to use of outdated methods of counting the audience and revenue.”