FPI and VOIS: cooperation is possible


On the 1st of December, 2010 IFPI took the representatives of VOIS. The meeting was organized by IFPI with participation of major companies: Sony, Warner, UMG, EMI. Andrey Krichevskiy described the curent situation in Russia and answered the questions. He noted that VOIS is interested in to be a participant of IFPI team and its…


Ukrainian market is crucial for the Russian right owners

VOIS and LIGA have concluded the bilaterial agreements to represent parties on the proper territories. LIGA is the oldest and the most experienced organization for collective administration of related rights within the Ukraine. LIGA has been collecting remuneration for several reacent years in the country. Ukraine is the biggest foriegn country where music of russian…


VOIS goes on to distribute and pay out remuneration collected since 6 August, 2009

Since accreditation August 2009 VOIS due to local law is obligated to distribute and pay out remuneration four times a year. During that time VOIS managed to collect more than ?16,500 mln and distribute and pay out about ? 9,000 mln. VOIS is calling for right holders to be more active to receive their remuneration.…


VOIS took part in the XVI International Conference «The current issues of the intellectual property».


6 – 10 September, 2010 the XVI International Conference «The current issues of the intellectual property» was held in Yalta (Ukraine) and was devoted to the IPR infringement, the sphere of intellectual property using and other issues. This meeting was organized by the State Department for Intellectual Property of the Education and Science’s     Ministry (Ukraine),…


Arbitration Court of the Moscow region confirmed the power of VOIS accreditation


On the 27th of August 2010 the Arbitration Court of the Moscow region adjudged to nonsuit ROUPI in petition to nullify the orders of Rosohrankultura which granted VOIS the state accreditation.  By that the Arbitration Court recognized the legitimacy of the accreditation commission’s result granting VOIS the rights to be the sole society in Russia…


KOUPI was accredited in Kazakhstan


On 28th December, 2009 KOUPI – a reliable partner of VOIS – was accredited by the Committee for Intellectual rights of the Government of Kazakhstan as the only organization to carry out collection of the remuneration within the internal territory in the name of domestic producers and performers, the Ministry of Justice of RK reported.…


VOIS took part at the annual international meeting of performers in Сabourg (France)

VOIS has reached a set of agreements with foreign partners to comply the Russian performer rights outside of the country. The 10th anniversary meeting of European performers was held in Cabourg in December 2009, 10-11. The event was organized by ADAMI. More than 280 participants including performers, lawyers, producers, newsmen etc. took part in the…


VOIS participated in the international seminar in Kiev

The Ministry of Science of Ukraine, IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) on 30th June, 2010 organized a meeting concerning collective management in Ukraine. Presentations were made by representatives of WIPO, IFPI, the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine (SDIP), collective management organizations in the field of related…


VOIS became a member of C.A.P.I.

Recently VOIS joined C.A.P.I. as a member. C.A.P.I. is a non-government organization that unites EU collective rights management societies. C.A.P.I. was founded in 2009, Italy. The main goals of C.A.P.I. are to develop efficient system for neighboring rights protection in EU countries and to monitor enforcement in IP area. VOIS is extremely interested in bilateral…


VOIS took part in SCAPR meeting

The meeting of SCAPR members was held in Bucharest (Rumania) on 26 May, 2010. VOIS took part in this meeting as an observer. Mr. Andrey Krichevsky made a detailed report about situation, concerning neighboring rights in Russia, and VOIS’s activity. “Cooperation between all societies is an efficient issue to comply the neighboring rights on the…