Basic principles of cooperation between VOIS and Russian Academy of Radio are agreed.

On results of the negotiations passed on Sept. 1st, 2009 between the President of the Russian Academy of Radio Mr. A. Varin and General Manager of VOIS Mr. Andrey B. Krichevskiy, the parties had signed the report fixes basic principles of mutual relations between RAR and VOIS concerning an establishment of tariffs, the order and conditions of the collection, distribution and payment of the remuneration for the public use of sound recordings by means of broadcast, cable transmission and retransmission.

The parties have specified the following: cooperation between the broadcasting organizations and VOIS should be though the agreement of payment of the remuneration for the public use of sound recordings published for commercial purposes, and phonograms fixed on these sound recordings by broadcast/cable transmission; the typical form of the agreement has been agreed.

The Russian Academy of Radio has been created in December of 2007 with a view of increase of authority of the industry of broadcasting, upholding of interests of radio broadcasters at all levels, including at regular meetings with representatives of executive authority and legislative authority, maintenance with first-hand data about specificity of work of modern radio companies.

Among founders of the Academy there are representatives of radio union, including heads of the VGTRK, the European Media group, the Broadcast corporation Prof- Media, the Russian Media group, the Gazprom-media, radio company the Voice of Russia, concern Radio-center; radio stations: the Silver Rain, the Echo of Moscow, the Chanson, etc.

Academicians of RAR also are representatives of Federal agency on a press and mass communications, National association of TV- Radio- broadcasters (NAT), heads of the leading regional radio companies.