Arbitration Court of the Moscow region confirmed the power of VOIS accreditation

On the 27th of August 2010 the Arbitration Court of the Moscow region adjudged to nonsuit ROUPI in petition to nullify the orders of Rosohrankultura which granted VOIS the state accreditation. 
By that the Arbitration Court recognized the legitimacy of the accreditation commission’s result granting VOIS the rights to be the sole society in Russia to collect and distribute remuneration to the related rights owners.
In August, 2009 VOIS was accredited in two spheres – realization of rights of performers and producers to receive remuneration for public exploitation and also for broadcast and cable transmission of phonograms published for commercial activities. Other societies – ROUPI and RPA – since August 2009 lost the right to collect and distribute this remuneration.