The musicians have a new electronic collaborator

Back in 2018, the Californian company Boomy launched a special website and application that any experienced or even novice performer can use.

The trick of the program is that artificial intelligence writes a melody in a given genre especially for you, with which you can then work. Thus, if you sing well, but you have a problem with melodies, you can use the services of a bot.

Such melodies are not protected by copyright in any way, because robots do not yet have any rights. Therefore, you can use the melody as you please. Moreover, you can even earn money on this melody, because the bot will not sue you for violation of rights.

However, there is still a small snag. The fact is that Boomy will own the copyright to the created content. But company representatives claim that 80% of the deductions still go to the person who worked in tandem with the bot.

According to the company, more than 5 million compositions were created in three years.