Modern investment: a new video clip through crowdlending

The famous Russian singer Zivert plans to use the services of the Co-Fi crowdlending platform to raise 2 million rubles for the filming of her new video for the song “Three Days of Love”. The artist believes that this is one of the most significant compositions in her new album.

With the new album, Zivert decided to move away from her usual philosophical monologues about life and reveal her new, unstoppable side.

The singer believes that music videos are a legacy that will remain in the souls and hearts of the audience for many years to come. What is important for artists is to realize their dreams and ideas related to creativity.

It’s no secret that the Co-Fi platform allows you to use intangible assets as collateral – your intellectual rights to music, books, paintings and many other things. For example, Zivert chose her song “Three Days of Love” as a pledge. Anyone can attract investments to the new clip of the singer.

This is far from the first album or single by Zivert. In 2019, her single “Life” broke all records on Shazam and Yandex.Music platforms, and also took second place in the ranking of the most streamed songs in Russia. Her tracks have repeatedly become laureates of prestigious music awards, and have been consistently in the tops of various charts for several years by now.

Co-Fi is considered the first Russian fundraising platform for the entertainment industry. Attracting investments is provided with the help of crowdlending, and the yield for investors reaches 25%. Co-Fi is included by the Bank of Russia in the register of investment platform operators.

Chairman of the Board of Co-Fi Alexander Sukhotin says that the platform is beneficial not only to borrowers, but also to investors. It creates a two-way contact and carefully monitors fulfillment of all obligations. This creates a direct interaction between fans and artists.