FONMIX background music service named the most popular performers in business segment

FONMIX – a Russian federal music broadcasting operator and official partner of copyright societies, has compiled a rating of musical preferences among Russian business users. After analyzing statistics of compositions, performed over the past year in cafes, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, fitness and shopping centers throughout Russia, the service notes that business preferences in 2018 are noticeably different from people’s choice.

In 2017, charts of FONMIX business users repeated the top 10 most popular songs of the year according to the Yandex.Music service. However, this year brought significant differences. Popular Russian performers left Yandex.Music charts. Yet they hold strong positions among business users who use their tracks for background music in their venues. For example, singer Nyusha takes the sixth place in FONMIX chart. The singer says that “my works are popular among wide audience. They gave people good mood. Perhaps that is why the business industry likes to perform my compositions so much – they unite people and create pleasant atmosphere in any place. Any musician has to share himself through his work, and then he will be popular on the radio cars, in people’s headphones, he will be performed in restaurants, clubs, shopping centers – wherever people communicate, relax and have a good time together. ”

Rotations in leisure and entertainment segment showed positive dynamics for indie pop group IOWA, which remains in top ten, according to FONMIX. The FONMIX top also has a Russian boysband MBAND, a pop group “Time and Glass” and singer Yolka.

As for ratings of foreign performers, the first place in FONMIX charts has Ed Sheeran with the song “Shape of You” and Portugal. The Man with “Feel it Still.” Ed Sheeran, in turn, was the leader in Yandex.Music last year, and today the service chart is headed by a Ukrainian group KAZKA with the song “Crying”. The FONMIX rating for foreign musicians is close to the Spotify top.

According to FONMIX statistics, Dima Bilan’s hits remain popular in entertainment venues in Russian regions. The compositions of Philip Kirkorov – a regular participant in various charts and playlists – are constantly performed in restaurants, grocery stores, cafes and bakeries.

According to FONMIX rotations, dance remixes of DJ Alekseev turned out to be popular in the Retail & HoReCa segment. Max Barsky is also a very popular performer among business users, and not only his recent compositions, but also albums which date three years back.

Despite certain discrepancies in ratings of business users and individuals, there is still a match. The single of the band Clean Bandit and the singer Demi Lovato – “Solo” hits the first twenty of both FONMIX and Yandex.Music. The leaders of both charts among Russian performers are Yegor Creed, Elena Temnikova and Philip Kirkorov. But the singer Monetochka, who heads many ratings, is not represented in the FONMIX chart.

Popularity of certain compositions among individuals may not coincide with preferences of commercial users, since the b2b sector solves its own business tasks. Sound design has to directly affect consumer behavior, which, in turn, affects key business indicators. Pace, rhythm, genre, musical accents are important in background design of a venue. That is why the FONMIX collections have no musical compositions with obscene vocabulary, slang and offensive texts. At the same time there is a huge amount of instrumental background music, suitable for the sound of various types of institutions.

Valeria Pankratova, General Director of “ForMax”, which creates FONMIX player, says: “From a commercial point of view, business users are focused on music which attracts customers, causes positive emotions and a desire to stay in a particular venue. The most popular genres in our chart remain pop, soul, hip-hop and R’n’B. We also have a large collection of instrumental music, which creates nice atmosphere and good mood.”

FONMIX digital player is software for legal background audio and video design of various venues: urban spaces, parks, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. Through this service rights holders receive information about all performances of their works, which guarantees accuracy of author’s remuneration calculation and distribution, and also ensures transparency of the market, opens new opportunities for authors to popularize and monetize their works. At the moment, the FONMIX catalog contains more than 10 million tracks of different genres. Background music service is used by almost 14 thousand objects throughout Russia.